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A word from an International Friend from the UK

: 10 cze 2008, 00:37
autor: Bwian
Hello everyone in Poland.

I apologise that I cannot speak to you in your wonderful language, but I hope some of my new Polish friends will let you know my thoughts on the 2008 show.

A little while ago I met a wonderful person who goes by the name 'Gajowa'. To cut a long story short i ended up in Poland as one of the international guest Judges.

Before I left for Poland I knew little of the country or the people other than what we see on BBC news and I was ammazed and moved by what I found upon arrival . . . such a beautiful country and people full of passion and whom work so hard.

It was an honour to be part of such an event and your President, Committee members and Judge did you proud.

Upon my arrival back in the UK, I had to International magazine owners contact me and asked how the show went.

Needless to say, I considered it to be a phenomenal success and I am sure I they were moved by my excitement and passion for the show.

I totally respect the effort you all made to make all of us feel welcome and a huge thank you to all those that helped with the translation.

I have learnt a lot.

A special word to the Polish judges - you are incredible - keep up the fight to raise standards and knowledge - the discus world need more people like you.

I have so much more to say on the show and my experience, but for now I would like to say a huge thank you and congratulations to ALL of YOU.

: 10 cze 2008, 00:53
autor: cocoloco
Hi Dougall
Welcome to our forum. It was great to have you in Krakow and I would like to thank you for a job well done.

Club president

: 10 cze 2008, 00:56
autor: gajowa
Hello Dougall

You finally made it to our forum :)
You will not have any difficulty comunicate with our members, because quite a lot of people can speak english.
Soon the english section will begin and hopefully more people from abroad will join our forum.
Anyway it is great to have you here

: 10 cze 2008, 01:15
autor: Bwian
Hi Alex and Barbara

There will be a report from me printed in a German magazine and hopefully in a UK magazine too.

Every single judge went away with total respect for what you have achieved and I know that we have learnt a lesson that has humbled us all.

I believe this is a start of a future freindship that will improve the centre of knowledge on discus fish for all.

I look forward to seeing a show report if possible and many photos.

: 10 cze 2008, 01:21
autor: gajowa

: 10 cze 2008, 12:28
autor: Drecha
Thanks for the time we have spend together. It was forgotten it survival not. I'm waiting for my 10%! It's a joke of course. Thank you, because i have can to practise my English :)

: 10 cze 2008, 13:51
autor: bqa
Hi Dougall. I'm happy that I have possibility to met you and Mike during our show. i can promiss that another will be even better ;) I hope that contact between our Clubs will still develop. Take care.

: 12 cze 2008, 00:41
autor: Bwian
Hi Everyone

As Maciej has stated, I will do everything in my power to ensure that this is but the start of a strong and lasting friendship.